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Suited shines a light on the most promising candidates so that the right firms fairly see their full potential — for free.

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Our Law Partners

our partners

Allen MatkinsAllen Matkins
Fried FrankFried Frank
Haynes and BooneHaynes and Boone
K&L GatesK&L Gates
Kirkland & EllisKirkland & Ellis
Moore & Van AllenMoore & Van Allen
Morrison FoersterMorrison Foerster
Sheppard MullinSheppard Mullin
Sullivan & CromwellSullivan & Cromwell
Vinson & ElkinsVinson & Elkins
Wilson SonsiniWilson Sonsini

what we do

Suited helps law students be discovered by law firms.

Using assessments, we holistically and objectively demonstrate your potential to multiple firms at once.

Shine your brightest — with no pedigree requirements.

The firms who work with Suited want to expand their recruiting processes to include more candidates. Our goal is to help them understand you on a deeper level, so please, be yourself!

Get your start and find your fit.

All law firms have their own unique cultures and working styles. Starting your career in the right place is crucial to long term success, and we're here to make that happen.

how it works


Register for free and complete the Suited profile by filling out some basic information and taking the assessments.


A.I. goes to work and calculates your probability of success at each firm by comparing your profile to current employees.


Firms review your candidacy and will reach out directly if they want to schedule an interview.

Our assessmentS

Instead of relying on surface-level, backwards-looking information that can be found on a resume, the Suited assessments measure over 100 relevant factors across personality, values, and other competencies and characteristics that have been proven to be predictive of future success.


The Suited Psychometric Assessment deciphers your unique personality traits and values. There are no right answers, and responding intuitively to these questions will help us get the truest sense of who you are.


This assessment measures several key skills required to be a successful Law Associate. It helps us determine how you most naturally solve problems, interpret data, and what details you pay the most attention to.


The hard work you’ve put into your education shouldn’t go unnoticed. Providing your academic history will help demonstrate your dedication to this field and your preparation for the role.