Suited Presents at 2021 NALP Recruiting Summit

Suited partnered with NALP, the National Association for Law Placement, to discuss why AI is the industry's best tool to overcome bias in hiring for their 2021 Legal Recruiting Summit.

June 29, 2021

Suited Presents at 2021 NALP Legal Recruiting Summit

Each year, the National Association for Law Placement hosts the Legal Recruiting Summit in order to share industry insights, advancements, and challenges seen within legal recruiting. This year, Suited was invited to give a presentation on using AI in the recruiting process with representatives from Suited partner firms, to give feedback on the pandemic recruiting season that just concluded and what the indusry can expect going forward.

The Suited panel consisted of Matt Spencer, Co-founder and CEOĀ of Suited; Aaron Myers, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer; Sameer Tharakan, Ph.D, Director of Data Science; alongside two Suited partner representatives, Bess Sully, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Sheppard Mullin; and Tara Conlon, the Director of Legal Recruitment at Cadwalader.

The presentation focused around how firms have historically relied on standard resume markers to narrow their hiring funnels, such as GPAĀ or law school rank. However, these metrics are often biased and not predictive of on the job performance.

Suited was able to share compelling insights around how AIĀ can help law firm recruiting teams eliminate adverse impact from the process, while also increasing the likelihood a candidate will be a high performer.

Suited was able to demonstrate that using AIĀ is the most powerful tool for overcoming bias in the legal recruiting process, due to its ability to:

Rapidly consider an unlimited pool of candidates

AIā€™s ability to instantly consider an unlimited number of candidates means firms do not have to shrink the talent pool to make it manageable and can instead consider candidates from a wider range of academic backgrounds.


AIĀ is able to consider significantly larger set of complex, non-biased characteristics and understand how the various traits interact creating an accurate view of a candidateā€™s future potential.


AI can be tested for bias to ensure it provides a more equitable alternative metric to biased traditional selection criteria and ā€œlike-meā€ influenced human judgements.

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