Suited Partners with Flo Recruit for Webinar on AI Powered Assessments in Legal Recruiting

What role could artificial intelligence play in legal recruiting? AI technology takes data and creates insights, and recently, AI-powered candidate assessments are increasingly popular among recruiters as a mechanism for identifying high potential talent -- without bias. Join us for a conversation with CEO Matt Spencer and CTO Aaron Myers of AI-powered candidate assessment platform Suited, moderated by Flo Recruit CEO Katherine Allen.

September 15, 2021

Suited was thrilled to partner with Flo Recruit and Skadden LLP to discuss what role could artificial intelligence play in legal recruiting. Moderated by Flo Recruit CEO Katherine Allen, Suited CEO, Matt Spencer, and Suited CTO, Aaron Myers, were joined by Christina Fox, Skadden's Assistant Director of Talent.

Watch the full webinar below.

About suited

Suited is a predictive recruiting network that shines a light on the most promising candidates so that the right firms may fairly see their full potential. Read more about us here.