Suited Expands Board With Addition of Product Development Leader Olivia Teich

Only a year after launching our legal recruiting platform, Suited sees explosive growth in the use of AI and assessments in professional services to drive more accurate, less biased, and data-driven human capital decisions. We're thrilled to have Olivia Teich on board to help us push our vision forward.

Press Release
New York
February 8, 2022

Suited Expands Board With Addition of Product Development Leader Olivia Teich

Suited, an AI-driven human capital platform that services professional services firms, today announced that Olivia Teich has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Ms. Teich joins an experienced Board of professionals committed to modernizing hiring and other human capital processes and addressing systemic biases in historically homogenous industries through the use of information-rich, industry-specific data, artificial intelligence, and assessment science.

A Partner at Product Co-op, a selective group of product leaders that help build many of tech’s household names, such as Slack and Instacart, Ms. Teich has over 20 years of experience creating and scaling businesses, teams, and products in various industries. Some of her past roles include Head of Product at Blend, a digital lending platform used by over 250 financial institutions; Director of Product for Dropbox, the leading document management, transfer, and collaboration service; and VP of Product Management at Jive Software, which provides enterprise-level social software that unleashes employee productivity, harnesses corporate knowledge, and builds institutional memory.

Ms. Teich will work closely with other Board members in support of Suited’s strategic direction to advance a new, unbiased hiring standard for professional services that enables firms to expand the way they identify and consider talent. Other board members include Angela Vallot, a renowned DEI executive and consultant; James Cole Jr., former US Delegated Deputy Secretary of Education and Partner at Wachtell Lipton; and Cameron Shelton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Economy at Claremont McKenna College.

“We are excited to add Olivia, and her significant expertise in product development, to our Board of Directors as we continue to expand the solutions enabled by our powerful human capital data platforms for the professional services industries,” said Suited’s CEO Matt Spencer. “The use of A.I. to inform human-led decision making will continue to become more mainstream and solve a number of human capital-related challenges, including broadening the talent pool to include more diversity and representation, understanding true drivers of employee performance for our clients, and what really drives engagement and retention across each organization.”

I look forward to collaborating with Suited and its Board members to grow this unique human capital platform and continue to solve critical industry problems. Suited’s powerful data engine and deep data science orientation have already proven to drive more accurate and less-biased decisions across their partner firms, and I am excited to help shape how their solutions can be applied to a wider range of human capital challenges.” - Ms. Teich

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