LAST UPDATED: November 20, 2020

By proceeding to the Essential Competencies Assessment, you are expected to abide by this Essential Competencies Assessment Policy (“Policy”).

Rules of the Road

There are some simple rules that we expect you to follow in connection with the Assessment. 

  1. You may only register for one Suited, Inc. (“Suited”) account. 
  2. You cannot seek or use outside help with the Assessment. 
  3. You may not allow any person to impersonate you nor may you impersonate someone else in order to take the Assessment.
  4. You cannot use your smartphone, electronic device, or any other resource during your Assessment.
  5. You may not share the Assessment or any of your responses with any other person or entity.
  6. You may not take a screenshot of any part of the Assessment. 
  7. Once you begin your Assessment, you cannot pause it or take a break. Doing so will end your Assessment.
  8. You may not refresh your browser during any part of the Assessment or manipulate the Assessment timer in any way in an attempt to gain more time than allotted.
  9. You expressly grant us permission to record your session while you take the Assessment, including both video and audio recording.
  10. We may ask you to present acceptable photo identification before you begin your Assessment and before we send you the link for your Assessment.
  11. Your Assessment may be proctored. 

Failure to comply with any one of these rules in this Policy, Suited’s Terms and Conditions, or Suited’s Privacy Policy (collectively the “Rules”) may result in disqualification from the position for which you are applying, notification to the prospective employer, or invalidation of your Assessment results.  

Sharing Your Results

In addition to sharing any information we have a right to share under the Rules, we will also share the results of your Assessment with prospective employers and referring firms.  We will inform the prospective employer if there is a discrepancy in your Assessment results or if we have reason to believe that you violated any of the Rules in connection with your account or the Assessment. If we allow you to retake the assessment for any reason, we may share the results of your second Assessment (if any) with prospective employers and referring firms.